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About Interservice Hotel

  • Welcome Home Cozy, comfortable, and spacious, your room is designed to be your home away from home. With a room that provides a private and tranquil atmosphere, enjoy the serenity away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Catering to all your needs in a living space, your room is equipped with amenities that provide an effective and productive work atmosphere. Your needs are served, and your relaxation is complete.

  • Our Vision is to be ‘a Model of service excellence’ in the hotel industry.

  • Our core values reflect what is really important and matters to us as a Hotel in the hospitality Industry. They are the solid foundation and main principles of our Hotel Culture. We will maintain our values by consistently working hard and improve to the standard in order to preserve the image that makes Interservice Hotel ( U) Ltd so successful and Special……!

  • There are thousands of choices for overnight lodging, including hotels, motels, Inns, B&B, and even Guest houses. But we believe what’s missing in hotel industry is a Service Quality by its Standard. Interservice Hotel will fill that gap. Our Customer will be those ti red of the current accommodation options that fail to meet the General expectation of Genuine Service and hospitality. We will be investing in the type of customer who wants excellent hospitality and friendly, efficient services through our highly trained staff , which anticipate the need of our guest and provide an efficient service with smile, warm and genuine welcome.

  • We are in the hospitality industry, and we take that very seriously. We believe that the customer comes first, and that it’s up to us to give them a comfortable and stress free stay at our location. Our main goal is to be the most successful hotel in the hospitality industry and we will achieve this by offering a level of service excellence that would be universally recognized by visitors from the world..

  • Our business philosophy is “Exceeding Guest Expectati ons” & we know that we can honor that philosophy through travelers with a smile, warm and friendly atmosphere that provide them strong sense of locati on, whether for style or functi on through our well trained staff who are intuitive, engaging, passionate, and eagerly to deliver services above and beyond the guests expectati on. We will be able to compete in the market place because we provide accommodati on of acceptable quality and comfort. because we will serve customer who wants a secure, safe and pleasant stay during their travel and need proximity to public, private, Govt, NGO,fi nancial insti tuti ons and direct access to other service facilities